How to Make A Dog Laugh? Best Proven Ways

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Do you want to make your beloved pup smile? Laughing is good for both humans and animals alike and laughter can be a great way to bond with your furry family member. Who wouldn’t want to fill their home with joyous barks of laughter? But how can you get your dog laughing?

Well, we’ve got answers! In this blog post, we’ll show you the best proven ways on how to make a dog laugh, so that you and your canine companion are able share some extra special moments together. So let’s dive in!how to make a dog laugh-1

Can Dogs Really Laugh?

The idea of canines chuckling is still debatable in the scholarly world, with no clear agreement on whether or not dogs can genuinely chuckle. Many canine owners and experts, however, think that dogs can show pleasure and delight in ways that are similar to human laughing.

Dogs interact with their masters and other canines through body language and vocalizations. Dogs may wag their tails, bounce up and down, and make fun vocalizations such as howls or grunts when they are joyful and enthusiastic. Some canine owners refer to their pets’ joyful vocalizations as laughter.

Furthermore, studies have shown that dogs can feel emotions such as pleasure and contentment. According to a research published in the journal Biology Letters, dogs who played with their owners had higher amounts of oxytocin, a hormone linked with social bonding and joy, in their blood. This indicates that canines may experience positive emotions during play, which may manifest as joyful vocalizations or other behaviors similar to to make a dog laugh-2

While there is no conclusive proof that canines can laugh in the same way that humans do, it is obvious that dogs can feel joy and happiness and may show these feelings in ways that we perceive as laughter. Finally, the most important thing is to identify and react to your dog’s unique behaviors and vocalizations, as well as to lavish them with affection and care in order to keep them happy and healthy.

Proven Ways to Make Your Dog Laugh

Play Hide-and-Seek

Dogs enjoy activities that stimulate their perceptions and reflexes, and hide-and-seek is one of the most entertaining. Begin by concealing a toy or treat in a location where your canine can see you but cannot reach the item. You can then urge your canine to look for the item by providing verbal cues and pointing in the right direction.

As your canine locates the item, praise them and give them the toy or treat. The item can then be hidden somewhere else and the procedure repeated. This game not only entertains your dog, but it also helps to improve their thinking skills and enhances your connection with your canine companion.

Make Funny Noises

Dogs have excellent sensitivity and can detect even the smallest noises. Making amusing sounds is an excellent method to get their attention and make them giggle. You can experiment with various mouth noises, such as smacking your lips, blowing raspberries, or even feigning to sneeze.

You can also create noises with various items, such as crinkling paper or rustling leaves. Observe your dog’s response as you create these sounds to see what they find most amusing. This is a wonderful way to spend time with your canine while also making them giggle.

Play Tug-of-War

Tug-of-war is a traditional pastime that canines enjoy. It entails playing a game of power and stamina with a rope or a toy. Dogs enjoy using their teeth and jaw muscles to pull on the item, and it can be a fun way to get them to chuckle and expend off some energy.

To begin playing tug-of-war, give your canine the toy or string and encourage them to grasp it. Once your dog has a firm hold on the rope, begin drawing it in various directions, allowing your dog to use their muscle to pull back. Allowing your canine to triumph on occasion will keep them motivated to play.

Give Belly Rubs

Dogs enjoy having their bellies massaged, and it’s a wonderful way to get them to chuckle and smile. Begin by lying down with your canine and softly rubbing their abdomen. Observe your dog’s joy as they tumble around and wag their to make a dog laugh-4

You can also try tickling your dog’s abdomen to make him giggle. Just keep an eye out for any indications of pain, as some canines dislike having their bellies touched.

Have a Dance Party

Dogs enjoy watching their masters perform amusing routines. So throw on some music and get your canine to dance. You can even train your canine dance routines like spinning and jumping up and down.

Play Fetch

Fetch is a traditional pastime that all dogs enjoy. Get a ball or a frisbee and begin tossing it to your canine. You can also experiment with various kinds of toys, such as a tennis ball or a squeaky ball, to see which one your canine prefers.

Watch Funny Videos

Dogs, like us, enjoy watching amusing movies. There are numerous videos on YouTube of canines doing silly things that your dog will enjoy viewing with you. Set aside some time each day to watch amusing videos with your canine, and you’ll be amazed how much they enjoy it.

Give Them Treats

Dogs adore treats, and providing them one is an excellent method to make them joyful. You can even conceal the reward in a toy, such as a Kong, to make it more difficult for your canine to locate. It will make your dog giggle and provide mental stimulus to watch your dog attempt to get the reward out of the toy.


Dogs are such joyous creatures to be around–they don’t ask for much and always bring lots of smiles into our lives. With the myriad of ways that we can make a dog laugh, it’s no surprise why humans have kept such great bonds with them for centuries! After all, laughter is contagious, as the old adage goes, and dogs have lots of laughter to share.

Whether you choose to put on a silly dog hat or use a squeaky toy, there are endless possibilities when it comes to making our canine companions giggle. So go ahead and channel your inner comedian so that you can give your pup the gift of laughter today!

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