Urgent Guide! How to Keep Baby Birds Warm

off grid how to keep baby birds warm

When spring comes around, a sight for sore eyes – baby birds! Oh sure, they’re fuzzy and adorable…but if you don’t know what to do if one falls from its nest, then their cuteness can quickly turn into a serious problem.

That’s why we’ve created this urgent guide on how to keep baby birds warm until help arrives. Now put your wildlife rescuer hat on because it’s time to get those fledglings some proper care!

Quick Steps to Keep Baby Birds Warm

Create a Warm Nest

Building a cozy nest is a great method to ensure the safety of hatchling birds. Use a small container like a basket and stuff it with cotton balls, paper napkins, or crumpled paper to make it more comfortable to carry. It’s important to make sure the nest is just the right size for the newborn avian. To prevent the young avian from being burned, you can also use a heating blanket to warm the warm to keep baby birds

Use a Heat Lamp

If you have young birds and it gets chilly, a heat lamp is a great way to keep them toasty. Keep the heat light at least 10–12 inches away from the nest to prevent overheating the young birds. Overheating can be fatal for a baby avian, so be sure to monitor the temperature regularly with a thermometer.

Provide Warmth with a Hot Water Bottle

There is no need for a heat lamp if you have a hot water container to keep the young avian toasty. Place the nest nearby and fill the hot water container with warm water. Wrap it in a cloth. Check to see that the hot water container is not leaking and is not too heated to hold comfortably. Regularly replenish the hot water to ensure a constant supply.

Keep the Nest in a Warm Area

The success of the young birds depends on the nest being kept in a warm location. Don’t put the nest near any drafty sources like openings or vents. The nest can be kept in a warm chamber, or a cardboard box can be used to make a safe haven for the to keep baby birds warm at night

Monitor the Baby Bird’s Temperature

You must keep an eye on the temperature of the young birds to make sure they don’t get too hot or too chilly. The nest or the young bird’s body temperature can be measured with a thermometer. Baby birds do best at a climate of 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat them up with a heat light or hot water bottle if the temperature is too low, and relocate the nest to a cooler location if it is too heated.

Provide Proper Nutrition

Young birds can’t evolve to their full potential without the right nourishment. Your pet doctor or a knowledgeable bird keeper can advise you on the best nutrition for your young avian. Chicks and chick food should be rich in protein and include things like insects, fruits, and veggies. Specialized avian food is also available for buy from local pet shops and even to keep baby birds warm

Handle the Baby Bird Carefully

Careful attention must be paid when handling young birds to prevent any injuries. Make sure you cleanse your hands thoroughly before touching the newborn bird. Don’t squeeze or push on the young avian; instead, use a soft fabric or towel to manage it. Consult a vet or an avian specialist if the baby bird is hurt or ill.


It is an absolute joy to connect with nature and witness these little feathered friends embarking on their journey in life. But, making sure they are kept warm and safe while they do so is a responsibility we should all embrace. Following the steps outlined above can help ensure that our baby bird friends stay warm, healthy, and happy until the glorious day when they fly away from the nest. Humans may be a few birds short of a flock however when it comes to parenting birds we have some expertise to offer! So for all those out there who find themselves in this very situation, feel free to take our advice and relax—while also tending to your hatchlings!

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