10 DIY Indoor Cat Toys Your Feline Will Love

best cat toys for indoor cats

You can’t keep your indoor cat content and healthy without cat accessories. Indoor cats are at risk for a variety of health problems due to their inability to exercise and socialize as they would if they had access to the outdoors. Fortunately, there are a plethora of homemade cat games you can make to keep your cat interested and occupied. In this piece, we’ll provide you with ten of our best homemade interior cat toys that your cat will absolutely toys for indoor cats

Paper labyrinth

A cardboard box maze is a great method to satisfy a cat’s natural desire to investigate its surroundings and conceal from its owner. A big cardboard box and some smaller ones can serve as passageways and hiding places. Your cat will have hours of fun playing and investigating this maze you created by cutting holes in the side of the crates.

Court for ping pong matches

To keep your cat occupied, try making a ping pong ball course. Make a cardboard box or tube with cutouts and set it at an inclination. To entertain your cat, place a ping pong ball at the top and observe it roll down the track. Connect numerous paths for more excitement.

Stick made of feathers

Feather wands are great toys for cats because they allow them to fulfill their natural instinct to pursue moving objects. Wrap a feather around a long stick or thread and swing it around for your cat to pursue. You can use this to your cat’s advantage by encouraging movement and playtime.interactive cat toys for indoor cats

This is a paper bag tube.

Your pet will have hours of fun with a paper bag labyrinth. The foot of a paper bag should be snipped off. You can use it as a tunnel if you flip it on its side and tuck in the edges. Your cat will have a blast skulking in the passageway and pounce-hunting on passing prey.

A catnip stocking

You can give your cat some additional stimulus by using a catnip sock, as catnip is a natural stimulant for cats. Fill a hosiery with catnip and secure the opening with a knot. As a bonus dose of catnip, your cat will enjoy kneading and playing on the sock.

The Feeding Conundrum

You can provide cerebral stimulation for your cat with a puzzle feeder. Make some openings in a cardboard package. Put some snacks or kibble inside the box, shut it, and watch your cat figure out how to open it. This will satisfy your cat’s natural hunting impulses while also providing hours of entertainment.

Post for scratching

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, so a scratching post is a must-have amusement for any housecat. Scratching posts can be fashioned by winding sisal cord around a hardwood pole or by affixing carpet to a plywood base. Providing your cat with a special scratching post or tree will make a huge difference.indoor cat toys

Reward dispensing toilet paper sheet

To keep your cat occupied, try using a toilet paper roll as a reward dispenser. Simply by tucking the edges of a waste paper roll into the middle, you have a closed tube. Put some morsels or snacks in the tube, and then enjoy watching your cat figure out how to get them out.

Plaything stuffed with homemade catnip

Providing your cat with catnip items is a wonderful way to keep them mentally and physically active. Taking a small scrap of cloth, you can stitch it into a pouch to use as a catnip toy. Put some catnip inside the bag and close it up. For an added dose of catnip fun, have your cat toss the object around.

Scavenger hunt for the paper towel roll

Mentally challenging your cat with a paper towel roll game is a wonderful idea. Fold the sides of a paper towel roll in to make a tight tube. Make openings in the tube’s walls, and then stuff it with food or snacks.


Can we as humans do better for our cats’ entertainment needs? Sure, Netflix and playing on iPads is great and all, but when your cats are shredding expensive antiques or beating the stuffing out of your curtains, you know there has to be a better option.

With these ten DIY cat toys, you can keep your feline friend entertained while sparing the priceless heirlooms and the walls from further damage. So why not take some time to craft up something special for your favorite purr machine? It may not seem like much to us humans, but little things like this can mean a whole world of fun for your beloved cat!

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